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Barbarian Racing

Barbarian Racing was born out of the necessity for well designed, reverse engineered product for use on either the road or track.

Lots of other branded product is designed either for show with no substance or designed in a way to make manurfacture as cheap as possible. At the forefront of each Barbarian Racing product is the requirement that the product must give a performance gain. The Barbarian way is to build product that lasts, well designed, well made and well finished.


Malian Exhausts

All Malian Exhausts products are designed to increase the effeciency of the internal combustion engine.

This means that they will either give a power increase, increase reliability or lower fuel consumption. Each exhaust is carefully crafted from stainless steel to provide years of problem free use and comes will all the parts that should be required to fit the part. Aside from the gains of the part we also like a easy life when it comes to installation. Buy a Malian Exhaust and you will immediatly understand what it is we do.