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05/01/18 – Mini R53 Cooper S Catback Exhaust

Stainless cat back system for the R53 Mini Cooper S finally came out today, it features a 2.5″ pipe with quad bullet silencers and twin 3.25″ tailpipes, it’s certainly on the loud side.

03/01/18 – MX5 Mk1 or Mk2 Cold Air Induction Kit

The long awaited cold air induction kit for the 1.8 Mk1 or Mk2 MX5 will be available for sale next week, there will be 15 kits available initially and then there will be a second batch at the end of April. They use a RAMair covered filter so you know you have the best filtration and we expect to see gains of up to 5BHP with one of these fitted. Of course the best reason to fit one of these is the noise produced, you just can’t beat that deep induction roar on full throttle.

23/10/17 – MX-5 MkII 1.8 Exhaust

If you’re wondering if our exhausts sound as good as they look, we’ll be adding videos over the coming weeks, so you can see (and hear) our latest Malian systems.

Check out the video link below or visit our YouTube Channel for this MX-5 exhaust.


You can buy this exhaust here







16/10/17 – Proton Satria/Persona 1.8 GTi Decat Pipe

Now available in the shop – Click here


11/10/17 – Mazda MX5 Mk2 1.8 Turbo Conversion Kit

Development is underway for a turbo kit that actually fits the 1.8 Mk2 properly. More details to follow…….


25/09/17 – Mazda MX5 Mk1 470mm Cat Conversion Pipe

Have a later type Mk1 with the longer 470mm cat but want to fit an exhaust designed for the earlier 370mm or 440mm cat? click this link and your problems are solved – Click here


15/09/17 – MR2 Spyder Turbo Conversion Kit

Work has started today on the turbo conversion kit for the MR-2 Spyder. This will initially be a very simple kit consisting of only a manifold, turbo elbow and downpipe on the exhaust side. A direct air filter on the front of the turbo with a non-intercooled feed from the turbo directly to the throttle body with ports in for a Tial BOV, MAF and methanol injection. Plus all the fittings to link everything up. All you will need on top is to choose your version of the turbo, be it a GT2860, GT2871, Disco Potatoe or any other turbo with the same dimensions. Then get the clutch and engine management sorted.


03/09/17 – New R53 Mini System has been put into production

This system is going to be loud and cheap! The target RRP for this full stainless steel system is only £165 + VAT although with exchange rates this may change slightly when it arrives. Running 4 cherry bomb type silencers and with twin outward rolled tailpipes this system has been designed to look the part and sound epic. It will burble and pop on overrun and howl with the supercharger at full throttle.